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Book One

lourdes Name: Lourdes d’Ki Michi (lor-DESS)
Title: Mira d’Ki Michi, Imperial Mira
Territory: Doa
Lourdes is the leader of the Draga Empire, an alliance of five territories. It wasn’t until the deaths of three friends that Lourdes abandoned her position, placing the fledgling government into the hands of others. She chose exile in order to redirect Rayen’s anti-imperial faction away from her people.
ulah Name: Ulah d’Prana (YU-la)
Title: Mira d’Prana
Territory: Varse
Using those around him to get what he wants, Ulah is quick to shirk his responsibilities for what he considers the finer pleasures in life. His aggressive behaviour played a significant part in the nervous breakdown of his political liaison: Rayen d’Lecroix.
kya Name: Kya d’Isa (KEE-ah)
Title: Mira d’Isa
Territory: Kelvark
Kind and doting when it’s needed most, Kya often doesn’t get what she gives. Preferring to work alone, Mira d’Isa has difficulty trusting others. With most of her friends deceased, sad and lonely Kya harbours many regrets.
jie Name: Jie d’Aruniquiltha (ZHEE)
Title: Mira d’Aruniquiltha
Territory: Beuderium
Eloquently satirical if you catch him on a good day, Jie only wants what he believes is best for others; although, it’s difficult to see whether he cares for anything. Whilst it may seem he interacts strictly at a professional level, Jie is quietly overprotective.
niki Name: Nicolette d’Orenda
Title: Lead Physician – Internal Medicine
Territory: Næteom
Nicolette -Niki for short- has unique abilities pertaining to her occupation. The daughter of Mauryan d’Orenda and Nasreen d’Preuma, neither of whom Niki inherited her short temper.
porthos Name: Porthos d’Ceres
Title: Imperial Guard Captain – Doa
Territory: Doa
At best, Porthos is simply a dry-humoured fellow who takes certain things very seriously. Protecting the citizens of the Draga Empire is one such thing.
moira Name: Moira d’Aerde
Territory: Doa
Unexpectedly breaching a security perimeter of the Imperial capital Sveargith, Moira was taken in to custody where it was quickly observed she was unusual in every way. She claims to be from Aerde, a place that does not exist. Suspicious about her origins, the Mira reunite to help her, and themselves.
rowan Name: Rowan d’Gi Edan
Territory: Doa
A butcher and amateur metalsmith, Rowan is often found in the company of others who would rather not be his friend. Sometimes oblivious, most times chipper, Rowan pretends to be happy in the face of tragedy.
ayla Name: Ayla d’Lir
Title: Acting Head of Draga Empire
Territory: Doa
Ayla was left in charge the day Lourdes disappeared and has had trouble keeping it together ever since. Once a care-taker for what is known as the Sveargith Sanctuary, an orphanage, Ayla had to take on a role she personally felt she wasn’t ready for.
zura Name: Zura d’Ceres
Territory: Doa
A care-taker in the employ of Ayla, and Porthos’ wife.

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